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Dr.Ernie Gregoire

Dr.Ernie Gregoire

Ernie Gregoire was born in Plaquermine, Louisiana.

Soon after his birth, Dr.Gregoire's

family moved to California where he attended Oakland Technical High School. After

high school, Ernie joined the US Army where he earned the rank of Sergeant. After

his discharge in 1956, he worked as a surgical preparations orderly at UCLA Medical Center. In

1962, Ernie received a B.A. degree from Cal State Los Angeles. [3]

In 1972, Ernie earned his M.A. degree from Azusa Pacific University.In

1973, he became Associate Dean of Student Services at Mt. SAC.In


he was named assistant coach for the West Team to the U.S. Olympic Festival,his

first of 13 national team coaching assignments.In 1985, Ernie

became ,Dr. Gregoire, when he received a EdD in Education.He also began a

term as chairman of the executive board for the Mt. SAC Relays,America,s largest annual

track meet,that lasted for more than ten years. [1] [3]In 2013, After nearly

fifty years of dedication, Dr.Gregoire was added to the

Mt.Sac Hall of Fame.


is best known for his accomplishments as a Track & Field Coach. [2]Since

his retirement from Mt. San

Antonio College in 1996, Ernie has continued to coach his local track club, the Cheetahs, and serve as Director of Marketing for the Mt. SAC

Relays.He has

developed six national junior champions, three USA champions, and five Olympians.He coached 4-time

Olympian and long jump silver medalist, Larry Myricks, for more than 15-years. Ernie has been

an assistant coach for USA teams to the 8-Nations Meet in Japan, Goodwill Games, Great Britain-West Germany-USSR Quadrangular, Pan American Games, and World University Games.He was Head Coach

of the 1999 U.S. Womens World Championship Team

and an assistant coach for the 2000 U.S. Olympic Team. [3] [6]

As of 2016, Dr.Gregoire

continues to coach privately. His

current athletes are Haitian Triple-Jumper Pascale Delaunay, Libyan sprinter Ahmed Amaar, and American Sprinter, Nakiya Johnson.


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