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Dream Crazy

Dream Crazy

Dream Crazy is a television ad by American sports equipment manufacturer Nike Inc.. It was expected to be broadcasted on September 6, 2018 for the opening game of the NFL season, and was available online several days before the NFL game.

The ad is directed and produced by independant Oregon-based advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy.

It became viral and controversial because of the presence of Colin Kaepernick in the ad. [1]


"Dream Crazy" is a 2:05 long video narrated by Colin Kaepernick.

The video features well-known accomplished athletes like basketball player LeBron James, tennis player Serena Williams and marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge, as well as a variety of less-known people, including Michigan linebacker and homecoming queen Alicia Woollcott, some handicap athletes and others.

By order of appearance, the video shows:

  • Nyjah Huston, an American skateboarder,

  • Isaiah Bird, a kid born without legs who became a wrestler at 10,

  • Zeina Nassar, a German female boxer,

  • Kai Lenny, a big wave surfer,

  • Megan Blunk, wheelchair basketball player and Olympic gold medalist,

  • Eliud Kipchoge, fastest marathoner in human history,

  • Alicia Woollcott, first female linebacker at the Grand Blanc Varsity Football team and homecoming queen,

  • Charlie Jabaley, an Ironman finisher who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and who lost 120 pounds,

  • Lacey Baker, an American skateboarder,

  • Alphonso Davies, a refugee who became professional soccer player in Canada

  • LeBron James, American professional basketball player often considered as the best basketball player in the world,

  • Colin Kaepernick, American football quarterback who became a national figure when he kneel on one knee rather during the United States national anthem,

  • United States women's national soccer team,

  • Shaquem Griffin, one-handed professional football player and the Seattle Seahawks linebacker,

  • Serena Williams, American professional tennis player.


A research conducted by Edison Trends revealed that Nike's online sales surged 31% after the release of the ad.


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