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Draka (WoW Server)

Draka (WoW Server)

Draka (US PvE) is a medium population server (also referred to as a realm) for the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. [1]The server was launched in 2004 and is one of many eligible servers for inbound Character Realm Transfers. [0]

Draka was one of the original launch servers that launched alongside World of Warcraft on November 23, 2004.


As of March 1, 2018, the estimated Alliance to Horde ratio is 59.4% Alliance and 40.1% Horde with 0.5% Unknown (most likely Neutral Pandaren), making it a relatively balanced server with a slight skew in favor of the Alliance.

There are an estimated 275,945 characters on the Draka server, 59.1% of which are male characters and 40.9% of which are female characters.


As is the case with many Alliance dominated realms, the most popular Character Race on Draka is Human, accounting for 17.3% of the population.

The most popular Character Class on Draka is Hunter, accounting for 12.4% of the total population.


Player Guilds

The largest player guild on Draka is , an Alliance guild with 970 members as of March 1, 2018.

Due to the cap of 1,000 players in a single guild, it is unlikely that the guild will grow much larger.


Name Origins

The Draka server is named after the courageous warrior friend of Durotan.


Draka was a firm believer in the Frostwolf clan's convictions of the old ways of honor and shamanism.

She was the daughter of Kelkar by his mate Zuura, and the granddaughter of Rhakish.


Early Life of Draka

When Draka was born, she was a weak and sickly Orc.

Blackhand is famously quoted as saying that if she was born in his clan, she would have been drowned at a young age.

This killing of disabled young is commonly compared to the similar practice in China.


Draka and her family were forced to move to the outskirts of the Frostwolf village by Garad.

As a teenager, Draka asked Mother Kashur if there was any way to strengthen her sickly body.

Visited by a vision of the ancestors, Mother Kashur told Draka that there was a way, but it could mean death.

Kashur sent Draka on a hunt to obtain a wing feather of windroc, horn of talbuk and fur of clefthoof.

From these three ingredients, Kashur claimed that she could make a potion to cure Draka's illness.


Over time, Draka's skill increased and, although still weak, she defeated and claimed her first kill of windroc.

Shortly thereafter, Draka was successful in defeating a talbuk and a clefthoof and obtained all the ingredients she needed.

She returned back to Kashur, who revealed the true meaning of Draka's hunt, that the ingredients and potion were not truly needed.

The hunt itself had been intended to make Draka a strong and determined Frostwolf Orc.

In the end, now proud and beautiful, Draka joined a celebration, where she was noticed by Durotan and Orgrim.



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