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Dragos Budeanu (born: December 8, 1997), is an entrepreneur from Brașov, Romania,[1] more specifically a High-Ticket Closer and a Social Media Marketer.


Dragos started his career as a web designer, in high school, then created online content on different social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, where he got 59,000 fans, worked in a close relationship with the company to promote events and contests and managed to get his videos viral. His most watched video got over 700,000 views and started a chain reaction of new videos inspired by the trend it created. Then he switched to more interesting projects that involved e-commerce, social media marketing and high-ticket closing. Recently, he started a podcast called The Dragos Show to share what he learns about entrepreneurship, sales, social media marketing, psychology and life in general.


As any entrepreneur, in order to succeed, you have to go through a lot of failures. Some of Dragos' failures include opening a drop shipping store that got almost no sales and wasting time on social media projects that resulted in a lot of effort and learning new skills but turning down other possible opportunities that would've helped the brand grow or get some financial gains.


  • Help 1 million people succeed as entrepreneurs, speak their truth and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.
  • Become a prince! (see the trivia section to understand why)


  • He doesn't have a favorite color, food, or song.
  • He used to hate music and English when he was younger but now he plays the guitar and is an advanced English speaker. Funny, right?
  • He's basically celebrating his birthday twice a year. Why? Because his middle name is celebrated on November 8th in his country.
  • When he was little, people asked him what he wants to become, his reply was "I want to be a prince"... Now that he grew up his answer is... well... STILL "I want to be a prince".[2]
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