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Dr. William Li

Dr. William Li

Dr. William W. Li is President, Medical Director, and co-founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is re-conceptualizing global disease fighting.

A protg of medical pioneer Dr. Judah Folkman, Dr. Li has been engaged in research focused on angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) and its practical applications for the past 2 decades.

A major part of Dr. Lis work focuses on improving health outcomes for individuals and populations affected by chronic wounds, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes, among more than 70 other blood vessel-dependent diseases.

Under his leadership, the Angiogenesis Foundation has developed a unique social enterprise model based on creating national and international collaborations with scientists, clinicians, payers, policymakers, and industry.

Based on this, the Foundation has played a central role in bringing about modern treatments for nine different cancers, chronic wounds, and skin diseases.

Dr. Lis recent work is examining the role of targeted therapies and biomarkers, and disease prevention for improving patient-centered outcomes.



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