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Dr. Venus Nicolino aka Dr. V

Dr. Venus Nicolino aka Dr. V

Sharp-tongued with a mind to match, Dr. Venus Nicolino (aka, Dr. V) certainly serves up the sass, but when it comes to her clients, Dr. V's code is one of genuine kindness and recognition in the transformative powers of empathy.

Using her compassionate understanding of the human condition with an occasional dash of profanity, she tackles the obstacles and joys that make up life.

She works with a pair of identical twins to help them face an issue they don't have in common... their sexuality and uses a few unconventional methods to help another couple get their sex life back on track.

A blue-collar girl at heart, Dr. V now resides in Bel Air with her husband Matthew, their two sons, ages 3 and 5, and their two nephews, ages 5 and 7, who're now under their permanent guardianship.



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