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Dr. Sonya Friedman

Dr. Sonya Friedman

Sonya Elaine Friedman (born March 27, 1936) is an American retired daytime talk show host of Sonya Live, a two hour informal/news program segment. She was also ABC talk radio's resident psychologist for 10 years. [1]

Personal Life

Remembered as one of America's Pop psychologist, she worked in the media for most of her life, and has since retired. She is remembered for her show Sonya Live where she covered the news and other informational topics related to her forte, Psychology.

Sonya Live

Since 8 years she was the host of her own afternoon talk show called, Sonya Live, where she often interviewed prominent people and celebrities. In one occasion, the one that is most remembered as a Meme, is when the late James Brown was interviewed, and offered bizarre answers.


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