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Dr. Sara Vakhshouri

Dr. Sara Vakhshouri

Dr. Sara Vakhshouri is founder and president of SVB Energy International.

She is also a Nonresident Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center.

She is an internationally recognized expert and has extensive experience in global energy market studies, energy security, and geopolitical risk with a special focus on the Middle East, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Dr. Vakhshouri has experience working in both the public and private sectors of the Iranian energy industry from 2000 to 2008, including the National Iranian Oil Company.

Dr. Vakhshouri has been based in Washington, DC since 2009, where she has advised numerous energy and policy leaders, international corporations, think tanks, investment banks, and law firms on the global energy market, the geopolitics of energy, and investment patterns.

She has testified to Congress on the Energy Markets and National Security and published articles in numerous journals including The Economist, Middle East Economic Survey (MEES), and Oil and Gas Journal.

She is frequently quoted and interviewed in outlets such as The Financial Times, Reuters, The Financial Post, and Energy Intelligence, and she has appeared on Bloomberg, BBC, Al Jazeera, Platts Energy TV, Voice of America, and CBC.

She authored a book on ‘The Marketing and Sale of Iranian Export Crude Oil since the Islamic Revolution’.


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