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Dr. Roy Sheppard

Dr. Roy Sheppard

Roy is a visiting lecturer at Henley Business School's MBA course.

Roy Sheppard is an acknowledged expert on all aspects of business and personal relationships.

He is specialist conference moderator.

And has just returned from Beijing where he moderated his third global summit for the Olympic movement.

In 2008 he spoke at ReCon in Las Vegas which was attended by 53,000 people.

He has a background in BBC radio and television journalism.

In 1994 Roy also trained as a therapist.

He is the author of the relationships books "How to Be The One", "Meet Greet & Prosper" and "Venus: The Dark Side" (with Mary T Cleary).

Roy is a visiting lecturer at Henley Business School and a former visiting lecturer at Cranfield School of Management.



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Jan 21, 2016, 6:37 PM