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Dr Niamh Gallagher

Dr Niamh Gallagher

Dr Niamh Gallagher is the University Lecturer in Modern British and Irish History at University of Cambridge. She lectures in the records of current Britain and Ireland and convenes a range of guides throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate 12 months groups. She is presently co-editing The Political Thought of the Irish Revolution with Professor Richard Bourke FBA as a part of the 'blue book' collection in the Cambridge History of Political Thought. Her next important studies venture may be on the records of Ireland and slavery from the eighteenth century to the prevailing.

Research Supervision

She supervise Masters college students in present day British and Irish political and social history from 1800, and welcome enquiries from college students in these fields.

Past students have written dissertations on anti-imperialism in interwar Britain, Irish propaganda in WWI, fascism in Nineteen Thirties Ireland, partitioning Ireland and The Border Commission, working-magnificence women in education in the course of the interwar duration, and Scottish ex-patriates in India from 1880-1914.

For Part II students writing dissertations, she welcome enquiries from students writing on any thing of Irish history from 1800, as well as students writing on British history.

In British history she is glad to recall topics within each political and social history from 1880 to the Sixties, and to make suggestions if she experience a colleague is more suitable.

Past students have written dissertations on subjects inclusive of interwar home violence in Britain and changing attitudes to masculinity inside the publish-WW2 East End Jewish community.[1][2]


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