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Dr. Michelle Herren

Dr. Michelle Herren

Dr. Michelle Herren is an anesthesiologist in Denver, Colorado. She was affiliated with Denver Health Medical Center. [undefined]


She received her medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine and has been in practice between 11-20 years. [undefined] She was one of 21 doctors at Denver Health Medical Center who specialized in anesthesiology. [undefined]


During the week of November 28, 2016, Dr. Herren came under public scrutiny for Facebook posts she made disparaging First Lady Michelle Obama. [1]

"Doesn't seem to be speaking too eloquently here, thank god we can't hear her!", she said in one post.


That's a place for "entitled" folks said all the liberals!" and "Monkey face and poor ebonic English!!!


I feel better and am still not racist!!!

Just calling it like it is!" in her Facebook rant. [1]

On December 1, 2016, Dr. Herren was fired from the University of Colorado for her comments. [1]


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