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Dr Jayshree Pandya

Dr Jayshree Pandya

Dr. Jayshree (Bhatt) Pandya is the founder and CEO of Risk Group LLC, an independent, non-partisan, neutral, pro-active and progressive global organization addressing the risks, issues, challenges and obstacles facing the global community and its impact across the industries, nations, regions and societies.

Dr. (Bhatt) Pandya is quoted in several trade journals and books, and has authored numerous (Scientific and Management) articles published in International Journals.

She actively provides speaking engagements and is an invited speaker at many global conferences.

Dr. Pandya is also an Editor in chief of Risk Journal.

As a Global Risk Advisor, Dr. Pandya sits on the advisory boards of several organizations and advises/consults industry, government officials, policymakers, educators, non-government organizations, as well as corporations in understanding and navigating the risks and issues related to their specific efforts.



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Jan 21, 2016, 5:27 PM