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Dr. Jane Thomason

Dr. Jane Thomason

Dr. Jane Thomason is an Australian Economic Development Expert and Blockchain Commentator based in Brisbane. [-1]She is the CEO of Abt Associates-Australia, a branch of an organization that seeks to improve the economic well-being of people in developing areas. [3]


Dr. Thomason earned a Ph.D. from the University of Queensland, a Master’s degree in Public Health (Tropical) from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Social Work, majoring in Community Development, from the University of Queensland. [2]


Dr. Thomason sharing her expertise on Little Tokyo

Dr. Thomason sharing her expertise on Little Tokyo

Dr. Thomason has worked extensively throughout Southeast Asia, Mongolia, and the Pacific Region, and early in her career worked for the Asian Development Bank Project Implementation Unit, Alfred Hospital, the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research, and the National Department of Health in Papua New Guinea. She was the Head of the Community Medicine Department at the University of Papua New Guinea as well as the Senior Social Sector Specialist (Health) at the Asian Development Bank. [3]

Dr. Thomason has worked in several leadership positions in Australia's healthcare field including being the Director of Women's Health and Queensland Health and the Distrcict Manager/CEO of the Royal Children's Hospital and District Heath Service, Queensland.

She served as Commissioner of the Commission of Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions.

[2]For 21 years, Dr. Thomason was an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Schhol of Population Health at the University of Queensland where she taught and supervised post graduate students.


Dr. Thomason served as CEO of JTA International, an organization she founded in 1999.

She built an initial portfolio of aid programs to diversify into the mining sector and develop Australian operations.

In 2013, JTA International became Abt JTA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Abt Associates.

Since the merger,the organization has tripled in size and Dr. Thomason has continued to diversify her portfolio, focusing on the areas of governance, health, and women's empowerment.



Dr. Thomason is an active commentator and contributor in the blockchain space and frequent speaker about how blockchain has the potential to solve global problems.

She has given keynotes and been on panels at a number of conferences including London Blockchain Week, Washington Fintech Week, Silicon Valley Fintech Week, Ottowa Blockchain Forum, Sydney Sinet61, Singapore Disruptive Technologies and Public Service and Brisbane Block to the Future.

[2]She has published peer reviewed articles in 2017 on blockchain and climate finance and the poor and on blockchain as an accelerator for women’s and children’s health.

She is an adviser to blockchain startups with applications that solve global problems, and is working on several blockchain Proofs of Concept in emerging markets.

She is an advocate for the education and empowerment of women generally and #womeninblockchain.

Jane was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of the British Blockchain Association.


List of Board Member Positions Dr. Thomason Has Held [0]

Member, National Women’s Health Task Force, Papua New Guinea, 1991 Member, World Health Organisation Study Group, on Changes in Health Sector Financing, 1991 Member, World Health Organisation Forum, on Health Sector Reform, 1994-1996 Member, Australian Health Ministers Advisory Committee, on Women’s Health, 1995 Director, Australian Association of Paediatric Teaching Centres, 1996-1999 Member, Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation Board, 1997-1999 Chair, Expert Panel on Paediatrics and Child Health, 1997-1999 Member, Australian Ministers Workforce Advisory Committee, on Paediatrics, 1987-1999 Chair, Working Party on Consultancy and External Relations, School of Population Health, University of Queensland 2000-2001 Member, Aid Advisory Committee to the Foreign Minister, 2002-2005 Member, Australian Centre for International Tropical Health and Nutrition Consultative Council, 2002-present Member, Uniting Health Care Board, 2002- 2005 Chair, Wesley Hospital Board, 2003-2005 Reviewer, Health Policy and Planning, 2006 - present Member, International Committee, Australian Red Cross, 2007- 2008 Chair, Industry Leaders Group, Health and Community Services Workforce Council Health Skills Formation Strategy, 2007 – 2010 Member, PNG Australia Business Council Executive, 2008 – 2013 Member, Technical Advisory Group, Knowledge Hub, University of Queensland 2008 - 2012 Member, Devex Strategic Impact Advisory Council 2015-2017

List of Technical Director and Team Leader Positions Dr. Thomason Has Held [0]

Health Impact Assessment, Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia; Environmental Health Impact Assessment, Tampakan, Philippines; Australia Pacific Technical College, Scoping Study, Health and Community Services, AusAID; Lihir Community Health Plan, Lihir Sustainable Development Plan North Fly Health Services Development Program, Ok Tedi Mining Limited; Samoa Health Project; Fiji Health Sector Improvement Program; Sector Wide Approach Adviser, Cambodia Desk, AusAID; Co financing Adviser, Lao Desk, AusAID; World Bank, Solomon Islands Health Sector Support Project Mid-term Evaluation, Women’s Health Training Project, Philippines 1998, Health Planning Specialist - Government of Papua New Guinea, Workshop to Development of Minimum Standards for Papua New Guinea; ADB Integrated Community Health Services Project - Philippines; ADB Women's Health and Safe Motherhood Project - Philippines; ADB Regional Technical Assistance: Issues Related to Private Sector Growth in the Health Sector in Asia ADB Devolution of Health Services to Local Governments - Philippines (US$100,000) ADB Regional Technical Assistance: First Regional Conference on Health Sector Reform ($US100,000) World Bank Pre-appraisal Mission, Third Health and Community Nutrition Project, Indonesia (Irian Jaya, Nusa Tenggara, Timor, Central Java) Asian Development Bank, Health Manpower and Training Project, Pakistan


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