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Dr. Carmen M. Castro, D.B.A.

Dr. Carmen M. Castro, D.B.A.

Aurora International Executive Solutions Hong Kong, LTD, and Aurora International Executive Solutions, LLC was founded in 2006 by Dr. Carmen M. Castro, who is an International Senior Business Executive and World Renowned Public Motivational Speaker, International Economist, and International Published Author of International Business Research Journals and academic textbooks on the subject matter of Women in International Business Consulting and International Economic Development.

Dr. Castro is also an International Distinguished Academician who teaches at various universities around the world teaching only MBA and Doctoral students who are seeking academic degrees in International Business, International Economics and International Finance.

Dr. Castro's niche markets are the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Russia, Europe and the Americas when it comes to her International Business Consulting Expertise under her corporate name brand of Aurora International.

Then in 2012, a new division was born under the name Aurora International Executive Headhunter Recruiting Firm, LLC which mission is to provide International Executive Recruiting Placement Services for Multinational corporations seeking expansion into the Middle East GCCs regions.

The main mission of Aurora International is the Empowerment of World Leaders and the Empowerment of Women CEOs around the world.

In 2016, Dr. Castro became the TV Talk Show Host of Aurora International Live on TV which is broadcast via Google Hangout on Air and YouTube on Air Live.

Dr. Castro´s first guest speaker for Aurora International Live on TV on February 2016, is Mahbod Moghadam the Co- Founder of Rap Genius and Founder of Everipedia [1]


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