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Dr Abiram Nair

Dr Abiram Nair

Dr. Abiram Nair is an award-winning medical doctor and CEO of multiple companies.

Dr. Abiram Nair is also a renown medical conference speaker, often speaking in his area of interest, lung cancer diagnosis.

In 2016, at the TSANZSRS Annual Scientific Meeting, his speech [1] titled "Investigating the timeliness of referrals, investigations, and diagnosis of lung cancer in a newly established respiratory department" was extremely well received by medical scholars and clinical practitioners.

Dr. Abiram Nair is also an accomplished photographer and videographer and has directed, shot and produced a short feature film titled "Nine Dragons".

The film was showcased in 2016 in a private setting and received critical acclaim from the audience.

During the 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests, Dr. Nair's "Nine Dragons" film became popular amongst protesters as the film exemplified an idealistic potrayal of Hong Kong that the populace wished to live in.


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