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Dovey Wan

Dovey Wan

Dovey Wan is a Founding Partner at Primitive Capital. She is based in San Francisco.


Wan attended Sun Yat-sen University where she earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering in 2010. She received her Master of Information System from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012.


Wan joined eBay in 2012 as a Data Engineer and later worked as a Senior Business Analyst and Product Manager at the firm until she left in 2015. Concurrent to her time at eBay, Wan was the US Chief Representative for 36kr, a media/fundraising/incubator in China. 36kr is backed by Alibaba and has a valuation of more than a billion dollars. In 2014, she became the Managing Director at DHVC (Danhua Capital). Alongside Eric Melzter, Wan co-founded Primitive Ventures, a crypto asset investment holding company which are investors in projects such as Dfinity, Zcash, Sia, Cosmos, Kyber, Mobile Coin, Theta, Handshake, Spacemesh, Starkware and Celer Network. Wan is a presence on Crypto Twitter and as of March 2019 she had over 17,500 followers on the platform.


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