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Donald J Pliner

Donald J Pliner

Since 1989, Donald J Pliner has built a reputation for innovative materials and quality craftsmanship in men’s and women’s footwear and accessories.

The brand has been known for combining impeccable design with a commitment to comfort from their heels and sandals to loafers and boots.

In Donald’s words, “A shoe needs to be fashionable, a shoe needs to be comfortable and a shoe needs to be special.”

With the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, Donald J Pliner is celebrating 25 years of style.

For this season, Donald looked back at the most notable designs from the brand’s history to create an iconic style statement.

In this collection, more than ever, luxurious materials, unique details, and fine craftsmanship combine to put exquisite style in every comfortable step.

Inspired by energy.

Drawn from destinations.

From the beaches of Miami to metropolitan rooftops, the lights of Las Vegas and beyond, Donald J Pliner shoes, boots and accessories are infused with uniquely bold, colorful, modern styling influenced by a mix of evocative places both near and far away.

We’re chic, we’re bold, we’re colorful...

We’re Donald J Pliner.


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