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 Dominick Brascia

Dominick Brascia

Dominick Brascia (born on 29 May 1956) in the USA is popular for being an Actor, director and producer who worked on projects such as “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning” and “Evil Laugh” in 1985 and 1986 respectively.[3]

Early Life

He was born on 29 May 1956.

He is Caucasian and was born in the USA to Ann and Dom Brascia.


Brascia made his acting debut with the role of Glenn in ''They’re Playing With Fire”, which follows the story of a married college professor who seduces a young student, then continuing to work at a steady pace, he landed the role of Hobert Racks in “Otherworld” in the following year.

In the same year, Brascia portrayed Joey in “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning”, working alongside Anthony Barrile, Suzanne Bateman and Todd Bryant. As of 1984 and 1985, Dominick could be seen in “Knight Rider”, appearing in two episodes of the series. In 1986, he landed the role of Evil Laugher in “Evil Laugh”, a comedy horror movie which follows the story of a group of medical students who stay at an old house where a mass murder took place 10 years earlier. In addition, the movie was also directed by him, and in the same year, he had yet another project, working on “Tall Tales & Legends”.

In 1988, Dominick landed the role of Peeper in yet another horror movie, entitled “Rush Week” and directed by Bob Bralver, and having a lot on his plate in the same year, he worked on “Doin’ Time on Planet Earth”, which follows the story of an eccentric teenager who believes that he is an alien prince from a distant planet, and is ready to go back home.

In 1990, he portrayed Snark in an episode of “Night Court”, and in 1997 played Evan Howe in “Busted”.

Subsequently, he portrayed Louie, the main character in “My Life As a Troll”.

Net Worth

He has a net worth of about 3 million USD.


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