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Dominic Williams

Dominic Williams

Dominic Williams is Chief Scientist of Dfinity, a Cryptocurrency. [1]


Williams is a graduate of King's College London. He studied Computer science earning high distinctions. He earned the equivalent of Summa cum laude.


Williams' recent math includes Threshold Relay and PSC chains, Validation Towers and Trees, and USCIDs, and he proposes new ideas such as "The 3 E's of Sybil Resistance".

He previously he ran a venture-backed MMO game using his own distributed systems that hosted millions of users.

Williams is the CEO and Founder of Fight My Monster, an MMO targeted at Children.

In 2015, Williams was an Engineer at Mirror Labs, a startup in San Francisco. He worked on a Bitcoin transfer process similar to the Lightning Network.

He is the President and Chief Technical Officer of String Labs, a crypto studio which houses startups much in the style of traditional Startup Incubators.

He is now the President and Chief Scientist of Dfinity labs, a cryptocurrency service based in Palo Alto, California.


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