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Dominic Santana

Dominic Santana

Dominic L. Santana is an actor.

[1] He is best known for portraying hip-hop mogul Suge Knight in the film All Eyez on Me.

Santana is half Puerto Rican.

Early Life

Santana was born in Fayetteville, NC to his parents Juan and Tracey Santana.

His father was an Army officer plunging into what would be a long and successful military career. His mother was a talented singer quickly climbing the ranks with her highly praised band “Chocolate Buttermilk", whose hit “Can't Let Go”, made waves over seas still to this day. Sadly after several years of marriage Dominic's mother and father parted ways. His mother, determined to raise his brother (Juan Jr.) and him took on the challenge of single parenting.

The single mom moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

His mother later split from her second husband and returned with the family to Fayetteville, NC now with sister Chauncey Edmunds.



Santana attended Westover High School, where he took theater arts for the first time. Santana won the Best Actor award in his senior year. [undefined]


After graduating from Westover, Dominic's family once again migrated to another city.

Once in Wilmington, NC and preparing for college, he learned Screen Gems film studio was in the same city.

He began to inquire and search out information on the local film scene.

His mother, now an up-and-coming screenwriter, invited him to attend a film symposium where they met film professionals like “Martin” producer Sam-Art Williams.

Santana started as an extra on shows and films.

He was cast by his friend Micah Noble for the then new film company Swirl Films for their first production 20 Funerals.

Santana was brought in for a lead role in the film “Dead Heist” in 2006.

Then again opposite Tom Sizemore and Ja Rule in “Furnace” in 2007.

After booking a role on CW's hit series “One Tree Hill” he was again brought in to co-star in what would be the cult hit and most played movie ever on BET, “Love For Sale” which premiered to over ten million viewers.


Santana is also a writer and producer.



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