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Dom2K is the YouTube channel of Dominique Willis, a connoisseur in the game of basketball who carefully analysis the various aspects of the NBA and focuses on one specific topic regarding the league in his videos. [34]


Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

During his early days in his college dorm rooms, his friend would set an alarm on his phone with a note that would say, "Dom 2K", as a way to remind himself that he's ready to play game of NBA 2K with Dominic after doing homework. Dom had an old YouTube channel where he would make NBA 2K videos and thought it was difficult to create content while also being in college. After about six months of inactivity, he commenced again with a new channel (Dom 2K) where subscribers from the old one began to follow again.


A part of the inspiration for starting his YouTube channel in the first place came from the intense NBA 2K games he would play with his friend.

Dom thought it would be a cool idea to share their NBA gaming battles on YouTube.

His other inspiration was Chris Smoove for the way he performs sports commentary on YouTube. [34]


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