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Dolores Leis

Dolores Leis

Dolores Leis Antelo is a farmer from Spain who grew to prominence in 2018 for being the Doppelgänger of President Donald Trump.



Leis is originally from Coristanco, but she has spent most of her life in Cabana de Bergantiños, where she and her husband met forty years ago.

Since then, she has always worked in the fields.

Viral Social Media Post

The farmer from Nanton, La Coruna, was photographed clutching a hoe and gazing into the distance, an image that has an eerie resemblance to Trump wielding a golf club on one of his greens.

On social media, where the snap has gone viral and been retweeted almost 5,000 times, Antelo has been dubbed the “Donald Trump of the Costa da Morte,” reported Newsweek, which cited a report in La Voz de Chincha.


“My photo seems to have traveled far.

I say it is because of the color of my hair,” she told the Spanish news outlet.


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