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Dolly Little (born May 25, 1995), is an American pornographic actress and cosplayer ​. [2]

Adult Entertainment

Dolly speaks French and credits Kota Skye as her role model. Her best friend is pornographic actress Elsa Jean ​. [3]

Dolly Little primarily performs in Bisexual, Interracial and solo​ pornography. She says "I'd love to have a lesbian orgy on camera, but sadly haven't had the chance". [23]

Regarding her favorite coworkers, Dolly said "my favorite male performer to work with has been Brick Danger. He's a hard worker and is extremely considerate and kind! We've got a good bit in common so he's fun to talk to between shots! Hands down, my favorite female performer to work with has been Hope Harper ​! She's very enthusiastic, bubbly, genuine, and overall very lovable! Every time I bump into her off set she's absolutely ecstatic to see me! She's great at lifting the energy in the room and making everyone feel fantastic!" [23]

She went from living in a very emotionally and financially abusive situation to having complete freedom thanks to her fan base's contributions. They rescued her with a fundraiser that allowed her to afford to move from the abusive situation in Oregon closer to my family and agency in Florida. [23]

Personal Life

Dolly grew up in Portland, Oregon ​. [23] ​ She says she was studious in high school and ate lunch with her English teacher. She played Friday Night Magic on weekends and hung out with D&D groups. [17] Her fans helped her relocate from Oregon to Florida. [17]

Dolly Little is a fan of feature films, saying "the best mainstream movie I've seen recently was The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio." [17]

She did a Cosplay ​ of Jean Grey ​ for SuperCon, a conference on Superheroes ​. She has also led Lightsaber Choreographies ​ as both a Sith ​ and a JEDI. Dolly is a fan of Science fiction ​​ films. [20]

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