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Do Dirt

Do Dirt

Christopher Hoyer (born March 30, 1987) professionally known as Do Dirt is an emerging independent Hip-Hop artist who made his professional solo recording debut in 2018 with the single “Falling out of Love.”

He has been creating a buzz in the new sound to rap called Emo Trap rap.

Early Life and Career

Christopher was raised in Orange County, California, he ended up moving to New Jersey after a short term in the county jail when he turned 18. He found himself back in trouble again in New Jersey and ended up serving 7 years. After his release he made a change and turned to music to speak to the streets.

In the midst of his music career he caught the attention of Bentley records and was signed to the records label owned by a successful R&B artist Luca Dayz.

Since then he has been steadily gaining internet notoriety and buzzing in the streets with his latest hits mission and ease the pain.

His 2018 track Falling out of Love introduced him as a rapper, singer and songwriter with a taste for downtempo beats and emotional lyrics about the struggles of life on the streets.

Since then, he has dropped over 2 dozen singles as well as the 2019 full-length release Welcome to Dirt World.

“Lost Souls” is the latest single from Do Dirt, i was released worldwide to all major streaming services on May 7, 2022.[1]

Personal Life

Do Dirt currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.. [2]


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