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Dmitrij Panov

Dmitrij Panov

Dmitrij Panov is a 25-year-old cancer patient who is live blogging his death.

His blog "Sterben mit Swag" translates to "Dying with Swag" in English.


Dmitrij was treated for malignant cell growth in his brain in 2011.

Fast-forward to April 2015, 1 year before the 5-year cancer free mark, Dmitrij was diagnosed with a recurrence—the same kind of tumor in the same place.

He underwent another surgery, followed by radiation and chemo.

Near the end of 2015 his spinal fluid was tested, which resulted in a new diagnosis: brain metastases.

A new round of chemotherapy followed—the doctors wouldn't be able to really get rid of the metastases, but wanted to "optimize the quality of his life as much as possible."

Excerpts from Dmitrij's blog

"Slowly, the feeling that I'll never get out of this clinic is getting stronger. It's likely that it'll get worse. Do I accept that? Not yet. It's so annoying that the doctors always make you wait for them. I have pain in my back, my legs, the pain in my arse keeps coming back; the IV keeps dripping. It could be worse. I don't want to think about what I'll do when it is."

(April 29, 2016)

*"What used to matter to me and doesn't anymore:*College. Sex."

(July 2016, "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit)

"Last time, I wrote that I'm not really afraid of dying. Maybe I should have said that I'm not really afraid of being dead. When you're dying, there's still some life in you and sometimes I think that I'm afraid of life."

(May 11, 2016)


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