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DJ Shab

DJ Shab

DJ Shab also known as "Mr. Bring The City Out" was born February 8, 1991 in Florida. He is a Tour DJ and also the official DJ for Tokyo Jetz. he is also a Tour promoter and the Chief executive officer of DJ Shab Entertainment.[1]

Early Life


DJ Shab grew up on Jacksonville’s Northside off of Fairfax, as a child he was exposed to the violence of north side Jacksonville. He saw a lot of people fall victim to the streets and he wanted to take a different route. Not wanting to end as a victim himself, he is always inspired to be the change that Jacksonville needed.


DJ Shab also known as "Mr. Bring The City Out" due to his impact in the city of Jacksonville, is currently one of Jacksonville's hottest Tour DJ & Concert Promoter.

His journey into fame started when his friend Sheldon (who is late now) threw a party for his 18th birthday.

The party was in Orange Park, Florida at a hotel with over 300 in attendance. the party was so much fun, that Sheldon encouraged Shab that they should start throwing parties. They both worked at a tennis shoe store during the day and threw parties at night as event hosts. Nine years ago Sheldon wanted to cut out the expense of paying a DJ and thought they could just do it themselves. The two of them put their money together and bought the cheapest turn table board available and a laptop. They started practicing at the house with Sheldon being the DJ and Shab being the MC. Together they started hosting events and the crowds grew with each event. Then they started hosting teen parties and until this day Shab DJ’s teen parties because eventually teens become adults and they always come back to support.

Sheldon died in 2014 due to Cancer, this led DJ shab to start “The Shab and Sheldon Show”. Since he was just a MC, he had to learn everything dealing with being a DJ.

DJ Swag and Byrd Sanchez taught him to beat match, mixing and mastering and taught him as well.

When asked how he recovered in Sheldon’s absence "I am yet to recover from Sheldon's death but I know that this is what Sheldon wanted so i have to keep going" he would say.

He transitioned to a producer 2 years ago, working with a new artist from Jacksonville named GMK, his ultimate goal in the Music industry, getting into Real estate & flipping houses.[21]


Like most celebrities, DJ Shab tries to keep his personal and love life private, He had at least one relationship previously.

DJ Shab has not been previously engaged.

He is currently single and has no children.[5]

Social Media

Dj Shab has a large fan base on Instagram (djshab904)[4], about 74,000 followers, he is also on Twitter (Djshab904)[3]. He also averages more than 10,000 tweets per year.[2]


His 2018 hit song "Where I Come From" earned 1.5 million views on World Star Hip Hop's YouTube channel in just one month.

He is known for his Album titled "Separation".[6] His songs can be downloaded from various music sites like Tidal (service)[7], KKBOX[8] Spotify, Quboz[9]

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