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Diva Jessurum

Diva Jessurum

Diva Jessurum, presenter of entertainment news in Noticias Caracol-Colombia. Director, Announcer, script writer, Guest column of Revista Vea and creator of the Centro de Capacitación Para Periodismo de Televisión, Radio Y Prensa Escrita SAS


Diva Jessurum has advanced free studies at Universidad del Norte, Universidad de La Sabana, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Miami Dade Community College in Miami (Florida, USA).


Throughout her professional career, she has participated in some of the most successful formats and projects of Colombian television in entertainment journalism.

At the beginning of her career, she served as a journalist for the Noticiero Actualidad Económica de Telecaribe.

A correspondent of the Noticiero TV Hoy and Journalist of the Teleheraldo News.

Later, Diva was a correspondent of Noticias RCN TV, Producer of the Central de Noticias RCN del Caribe, and Entertainment Director de Fin de Semana of RCN Channel.

Director and Presenter of the program "Inmigrantes" of the Channel Nueva Vida Visión de Miami (Florida, USA).

Director, Presenter, and Announcer of the program Los Cuentos de Diva of RCN Channel.

Presenter of the program The Caracol Channel Network. [5]

In written Press, she was in the newspaper El Espectador, where she was in charge of the column Juan Sin Miedo. Diva has been invited, on several occasions, to write articles and columns in publications such as: In Fashion, Cromos, Aló, Ser Padres and the newspaper El Espectador.

She is currently a columnist for Revista Vea.

Diva has coverage a variety of international events, such as:

The delivery of Billboard Awards, 20 editions of the Barranquilla Carnival

Paz Sin Fronteras Concert

Marchas por la Paz in 2008

The realization of the documentary of 'Entre Ojos' on the life of Lady Diana: The Legend 10 years after its death

18 National reigns of beauty

Three reigns of Miss Universe

Two times the national tour of El Desafío, la lucha de las regiones.

Diva has visited several countries covering worldwide releases of albums of great artists of international stature such as:

Maná (Mexico)

Eros Ramazzotti (Mexico)

Olga Tañón (Los Angeles, USA)

Ricardo Montaner (Venezuela)

David Bisbal (Spain)

Chayanne (Miami, USA)

Juanes (Miami, USA) among others.

Also, she has interviewed important figures of the seventh art as:

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter and the Relics of the death)

In London, Tom Cruise (Operation Valkyrie)

In Rio de Janeiro, Leonardo DiCaprio

In NY, Toby Maguire (Spider-Man)

In NY, Dwayne Johnson (Fairy by accident)

In Mexico City, Cusack, John Danny Glover, Roland Emmerich, Amanda Peet, Chitwetel Ejiofor, Tandie Newton (2012), Woody Harrelson (Zombieland), Sarlto Copley (Sector 9), Steven Strait

In Cancún, several of them nominated and winners of Oscar prizes.

She is the author of the book: Marbelle La Vida No Es Un Collar de Perlas

Documentary advisor of the novel Rafael Orozco the idol of the Caracol Channel

Documentary consultant of the novel Amor de Carnaval, that was a homage to Barranquilla and its culture.

Awards and Honors

Alfonso López Michelsen Prize granted by the Congress of the Republic

Independent Press Freedom Prize

Exalted student of the school Biffi La Salle

Exalted alumnus from the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe

Nominated for 2 Tv awards and novels

Mention of honor of the Festival Nacional de la música Colombiana

Two Awards Linda Villarraga

Recognition by the Band of Baranoa

Special recognition by the NY Consulate as the most recognized entertainment journalist in the Colombian community living in NY

Special mention of the Red Cross, special recognition of the Fundacion Clara de Asis.


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