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Dissenter (web browser)

Dissenter (web browser)

Dissenter is an Open-source software, a fork of Brave (web browser).


  • Block Big Tech Ads and Trackers.

The Dissenter browser blocks ads and trackers by default, making your web browsing experience much faster than traditional web browsers.

  • Comment on any URL.

Dissenter organizes conversations around individual URL's and creates a public square on them where anyone can leave a comment.

  • Customizable.

Dissenter also offers an extension for other browsers, just in case you're not ready to make the switch yet and want to test our global comment system on other browsers.[1]


In February 2019, Gab (social network) launched Dissenter, a browser extension and website that allows Gab users to make comments on content hosted on any website.

In April 2019, Dissenter was removed from the Firefox Add-ons website and the Chrome Web Store for violation of their policies that causes the creation of the Dissenter web browser.[2]


Dissenter was designed to extend American civil liberties protections for political speech to every corner of the planet, and allows people to express themselves on any subject, at any time, on any url, in a manner which is or would be permissible under U.S. law.

A free-to-use publishing platform that allows people to dissent from orthodoxy and express what they are really thinking, without fear of reprisal, is essential to the functioning of any free society.[3]


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