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Discotech (app)

Discotech (app)

Discotech is an app that allows you to search, discover, and RSVP to the hottest clubs, lounges and live music events—it's the Kayak.com for nightlife.

[7] Before Discotech, the only way to get into the best clubs was through club promoters—middlemen who get paid on commission and take their large cut of fees.

With Discotech, you can now browse through dozens of clubs, book your tickets, and enjoy the night seamlessly.


Discotechwas founded in 2012 byIan Chen,Mark WuandIan Bushongfrom UC Berkeley, who were avid nightlife aficionados wanting to create a one-stop-shop with a user-friendly interface, Discotech is a virtual concierge that sets out to alleviate the stressors associated with a night out.


Previously featured in Billboard and VegasTech.com, Discotech’s efficiency and accuracy make it a trendsetting app among nightlife enthusiasts; setting it apart from others of its kind.

Billboard reported Discotech’s partnership with popular online event ticket provider, Wantickets.

The exclusive pairing between Discotech and Wantickets allows party-goers to shop for tickets to upcoming events on their smartphones.

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In addition to their Wantickets partnership, Discotech has also partnered with the biggest nightclubs and day clubs in the country, including Omnia (Las Vegas), XS Las Vegas, Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, Rehab, Daylight Beach Club, TAO, Chateau, Jewel, Marquee, Create, Avalon Hollywood, Exchange LA, Omnia (San Diego), LIV Miami, E11even, and Hyde Beach Miami, among many others.

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Why get preoccupied with arranging your next night out when you can let Discotech do all of the work for you?

Check out the mobile app for free now (below), or discover more on their official website, discotech.me.

The free Discotech app is available to download for iPhone via the Apple iTunes store [1] or for Android [5].


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