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Dirty Lemon

Dirty Lemon

Dirty Lemon is a direct to consumer beverage company dedicated to providing a healthier lifestyle.

Currently, there are four different products each serving different purposes: detox, energy, skin and hair, and sleep.

Each order includes six bottles of the selected product and free shipping is provided at no extra cost.

Dirty Lemon takes a millennial friendly approach in the purchasing process.

In order to purchase a beverage, the consumer registers a phone number and sends a message to the company.

The account info, including the credit card number, is saved and encrypted for convenience of re-orders.

Consumers cannot place a order via a website.


Dirty Lemon beverages are not sold in stores and has no intention to sell through traditional retail channels.

[0]This product is advertised exclusively through Instagram and uses millennial accounts with large followings to gain traffic.



Dirty Lemon was created in August of 2015 by Zak Normandin when a two week detox cleanse turned out unsuccessful.

Zak believed a diet restriction was unnecessary with the aid of the proper supplement.

The company's key differentiation is an activated charcoal that absorbs toxins and impurities.

It is the first national beverage brand to incorporate this ingredient.



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