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Dion Timmer is a Dutch electronic music producer and DJ from the Netherlands ​. [5] ​ He is a frequent collaborator with Excision . [9] ​ Some of Timmer's most popular songs include "Lost", "Tell You Why", "Till I Make It" (feat. Tima Dee), and "Final Boss" (with Excision). [21] [2] [7] [22]


Dion Timmer playing a live show

Timmer is originally from Franeker, Netherlands . [5] ​​ His mother works at a bank and his father is in the shampoo. [24] ​ He first started getting into music when he was 10 cutting up old deadmau5 ​ tracks. [16] ​ Other artists he would listen to at the time include Skrillex ​, Bare Noize, and 16bit. [17] ​ Timmer started crating his own dubstep ​ tracks when he was 11-12 using FL Studio ​. [17] ​ In 2014, Dion remixed AFK's song "On The Floor"; AFK ended up sending the song to Excision who liked it so much, he requested to Skype ​ Dion. [18] ​ Excision has since become a mentor to Dion and they have collaborated on a number of songs together since they first met. [20]

Dion has stated that his tracks have a "neon" vibe to it, and has given himself the nickname Neon Dion. [16] [5] ​ He credits Moody Good ​, Michael Jackson ​, Skrillex ​, Kill the Noise ​ and The M Machine ​ as being inspirations and helping him craft his own sound. [17] ​Timmer has collaborated with other artists in the industry including Snails , Adventure Club ​, Bro Safari ​, and Slushii ​. [9] ​ In addition, Timmer has gone on multiple tours with Excision and has played festivals around the world such as Lost Lands. [17]


Plug Me In EP (2016)

My World EP (2016)

Textacy (2017)

Very Extra EP (2018)

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