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Dinos Trigonis

Dinos Trigonis

Dinos Trigonis is a basketball scout, director, coach, and enthusiast as well as an entrepreneur based in Long Beach, California. He is the founder of Fullcourt Press, a re cruiting service publication and website covering West Coast High School and JUCO basketball. [4]


Dinos taking a selfie with a fan

Dinos taking a selfie with a fan

Trigonis launchedFullcourt Pressin 1994 and over 125 colleges subscribe to his recruiting service publication and website.

He has founded and organized basketball eents and tournaments on the West Coast such as theFullcourt Press Fall Hoops Classicand thePangos Dream Classic.

Trigonis also established the Fullcourt Press All-West Camp and Pangos All-American Camp which showcases the best high school basketball players on the west coast and in the country.


In addition, Trigonis is the coach of the Belmont Shore Basketball Club, an elite high school club team that plays a national schedule.

Trigonishas conducted skills camps such as theFullcourt Press Lead Guard Campand theFullcourt Press Fundamentals First Camp .

Recently, he started the high school basketball magazine, Nothing But Netand established the tournament (along with Grant Rice and Gary Charles) the Las Vegas Fab 48.


A large following on social media, as of November 2018, Trigonis has over 24K followers on Twitter and over 3K followers on Instagram.


Trigonis attended California State University, Long Beach with a BA in political science. [1]He earned his law degree from the Temple University Beasley School of Law. [3]


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