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Dino Varkey

Dino Varkey

Mr. Dino Sunny Varkey serves as Group Chief Operating Officer and Board Member at Global Education Management Systems Limited (GEMS).

Mr. Varkey served as a Senior Director of Business Operations at Global Education Management Systems Limited (GEMS).

Mr. Varkey was responsible for managing and maintaining business relationships with clients and with senior management within GEMS.

He spearheads the strategic global business development of GEMS driving its development and aligning the overall corporate vision, and strategic growth objectives.

He was directly involved with every aspect of the business from finance, business development, human resources and marketing to the everyday functioning of the schools.

He is active in the ongoing development of strategic relationships across a broad spectrum-government and regulatory, sector specialists and strategic business partners-to ensure that its goals, continued leadership in the sector and aggressive yet sustainable growth on an international scale are achieved.

He is instrumental in providing stability and strategic direction to the organizational change management process and he ensures compliance and the efficient implementation of policies and processes.

He is responsible for risk management and assessing the sustainability of investments to ensure that projects meet all predetermined criteria and the organizations long term development goals.

He is instrumental in shaping and sustaining an organization, structure and vision that celebrates innovation and rewards performance among a highly motivated team of education professionals.

As an accomplished Public Speaker, he is responsible for providing vision, leadership and direction across GEMS divisions and the growing international network of GEMS Schools.

Mr. Varkey served as the Senior Director of Business Development at Global Education Management Systems Limited.

He serves as Director of Emirates Healthcare Holdings Limited.

He served as a Non-Executive & Non-Independent Director of Everonn Education Limited since February 14, 2012 until February 2015.

He serves on the Board of Emirates Healthcare Holdings.

He studied at Winchester College, UK.

He is an Honours graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies and Economics from University of Sheffield.



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