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Dillon Kivo

Dillon Kivo

Dillon Kivo is the Founder and CEO of Kivo Media Group and Editor-in-chief of Kivo Daily. [1]


In 2015, Dillon became the Founder of Kivo Media Group, a results-driven PR firm that empowers brands by distributing their stories across major publications to reach the masses.

In 2018 he founded Kivo Daily, a global digital media, technology and brand-building company, with a primary focus on actionable knowledge in business, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership. In addition, Dillon writes for Inc. Magazine, Forbes and Entrepreneur. [2] [4]

From 2017 and until now, Dillon has been an Official Member of Young Entrepreneur Council. [1] [4]


Dillon studies Marketing at American Public University. [2]


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