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Dietrich High School

Dietrich High School

Dietrich school district.

Is a school in Dietrich Idaho that how she's grades k12 in the same building.

People started the town in the early 20th century and with that t so came out he school.

Small graduating classes were common and a few towns in outlying areas when people moved out merged with Dietrich.

Thete te were several consolidation attempts with nearby Richfield and Shoshone.

However the school survived them all.

In 1935 the school burned down and school was held st many nearby buildings while the school was restored.

class sizes of ten or fewer are not uncommon though for the last sevaral decades average class size had been above 10 with some classes of twenty or more students.

Many grade school teachers taught two grades in the past, however every grade has there own teacher now.

Students come from neighboring Richfield, Shoshone, Gooding, rural Minidoka County, and Jerome, with few people going out of district to other schools.

The Hidden a Valley area east of Dietrich is also part of the Dietrich school district.

Before the early 2000,s that was part of the Shoshone district however residents unanimously voted to be annexed to Dietrich.

Students in that area did go to Dietrich, passed Dietrich the o go to Shoshone and to Minico and Valley.

in the early 1980,s the early grades went to a building across the street.

Lds building that congregation outgrew.

In 2005 the school completed a new renovation with much donated labor from the community.

New gymnasium previously completed that seats 2000 people and many new classrooms, computer, science and journalism labs.

Old gym regulation High School gym in previous years, could not do baseline three pointers, seated around 250 people and cramped, not popular with many people.

in 2016 voters approved another key for additional grade school rooms, shop class possibly gym as well.

Tentavly set to begin construction in October.

Dietrich started football in 1931 and played 11 6 but mostly 8 man football.

Won championships in 1949 and 152.

In 1974 the football team cancelled the season do to lack of numbers and in coming years the school added soccer to it,s fall sports lineup.

One of earlier schools to do so.

Depended on Jr high kids or less than 11 players as soccer was not sanctioned by the idhsaa.

In the 1980,s co ops were permitted when a school did not offer sport and both school boards approved.

Many Dietrich students went to Shoshone to play football and soccer was cancelled do to lack of interest.

Enrollment increased and in 1990 football came back as part of the fall sports program.

Dietrich struggled at first but in recent years had success with three semifinal appearances in recent years and being ranked high in the polls.

In 2010 lights went up as many residents had work schedules prohibiting them from attending afternoon gamed sand more people from visiting teams could come as well.

volleyball made many state appearances winning the championship in 1989.

The girls basketball team won state in 1999 and an impressive four year run from 2011 to 2014.

They are frequent visitors to state.

The boys basketball team won the state tournament in 1966 and 2016 and have had winning seasons almost every year they played basketball.

Cleaning guru and and media personality Don Aslett attended High School football n Dietrich were he excelled in government and athletics.

Cross country and track athletes have also had impressive showings at state tournaments as well.

Many rodeo athletes also have impressive showings.

Dietrich students have co oped with other schools for wrestling as well.

Other activities Dietrich had been involved in are speech, robotics, bpa, FFA and FHA, music programs and school plays.

The community supports the school.

An annual 4th of July basketball 3 on 3 is popular.

Many teachers spend many years teaching at the school and

many volunteers help the many extra curricular activities of the school, many people are moving in and the school should see significant growth in up and coming years.


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