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Diego Caleiro (Giego Caleiro)

Diego Caleiro (Giego Caleiro)

Diego Caleiro is an Altruism Researcher and Graduate Student at UC Berkeley. [undefined] He is based in Berkeley, California. [undefined] Caleiro's background of study include cultural evolution, psychology, continental and analytic philosophy, artificial intelligence, and biological anthropology. [undefined] He is an effective altruist. [undefined]


Caleiro attended the University of São Paulo where he majored in philosophy and minored in psychology, earning his B.A. in 2010. [undefined] He later attained his M.A. from the same university in 2014. [undefined] Caleiro is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley focusing on biological anthropology. [undefined]

In his PhD, Diego focuses on three topics: The future of altruism in light of its past, the control problem in artificial general intelligence, and whether Darwinism and Christianity, considered as biocultural entities in multi level selection, will reunite. [undefined]


Before embarking on a career in academia, he wrote scripts for movies with directors Gustavo Steinberg and Sergio Bianchi.


Early in his career, Diego was the Analytic Philosophy Research Group coordinator at the University of Sao Paulo since 2015, a Visiting Scholar for Leverage Research, a Visiting Scholar for the Singularity Insitute, a Visiting Academic for the Oxford University Future of Humanity Institute, and a Co-Director at Covergence Analysis. [undefined]

Diego's work has been featured on TED talk global, Superinteressante, World Social Forum, Oxford’s Practical Ethics, Aeon, Rede Globo, Record, Filosofia, Effective Altruism Forum, Effective Altruism Global, Halcyon Molecular and Psique.

[undefined] His writings have appeared in Filosofia, Psique, Superinteressante, Life Extension Magazine, H+, Aeon, as well as the Effective Altruism Forum, Lesswrong blog.


Diego has collaborated with Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, Leverage Research, Center for Effective Altruism, The High Impact NetworK, Center for Applied Rationality, Base: Sociedade Colaborativa, and the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

[undefined] Hiss is the author of Simulating Dennett: tools and constructions of a naturalist (which aims to enable the reader to think in the philosophical style of Daniel Dennett) and his current writing project is tentatively titled Altruism: Past, Present, Propagation. [undefined] [undefined]

Diego is the Founder and Director of the Institute Ethics, Rationality, and Future of Humanity, an organization he founded in 2011.

[undefined] In addition, he has been a Researcher at the Global Policy and Artificial Intelligence Group at Yale University since 2016. [undefined]


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