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Die Hard 6

Die Hard 6

Die Hard 6 ** is the generic name given to the sixth film and fifth sequel of the original Die Hard franchise.

Alternative titles proposed/suggested that have been circulated by the media and fans alike are Easter:Die, Detective!, Die Hardest, Die Hard: Year One [29], and John McClane [28].


In 2010 **, Bruce Willis expressed his desire to retire the character, John McClane, in a sixth film. [21]He stated in an on-camera interview [24]that if McClane were to die in the line of duty, he would like for him to do so helping children. In October 2015, director Len Wiseman (*Live Free or Die Hard *) posted [7]a single image reading 'DIE HARD: Year One' to his Twitter account, with no further information about the post. This suggested at that time that there was a new sequel in active development. [5]

It would be two years (23 months) before Wiseman publicly made another declaration about the series in late September 2017, with major film media outlets citing [8]him for beginning a potential casting of an upcoming Die Hard movie, presumably a follow-up to his earlier (October 2015) tweet.

A two-volume illustrated graphic novel titled 'Die Hard: Year One' written by Howard Chaykin (2009 [11], 2010 [13], 2011 [14]) piqued the interest of Wiseman, as per his posted social media. The comic book's storyline, as printed, says: "Every great action hero got their start somewhere, and with DIE HARD: YEAR ONE fans get the chance to see John McClane's first year on the force as a rookie cop in New York City.".

Die Hard fan, Eric D. Wilkinson, took out a full-page ad [15]in The Hollywood Reporter to pitch his script to FOX executives about a potential conclusive franchise movie in November 2011.

Wilkinson's idea revolves around John McClane breaking out of prison to fight terrorists and save the day.

Old Habits [12] is a book self-published by Ben Trebilcook in July 2016.

The author said the novel 'formed the basis for his acclaimed speculative script for a potential sixth and final 'Die Hard' movie, entitled 'Old Habits Die Hard'.'.

Its plot - which was flatly rejected [0]by FOX Studios (as was Trebilcook's 'Die Hard 24 /7' theme) - reads in part: "Retired New York City police detective Joe Brady is invited to Tokyo by global super-brand The Oshiro Corporation, wanting to commend him for bravery and his saving of over a hundred Oshiro employees in a hostage crisis thirty years ago. Accompanied by a loyal, yet angry, friend, a reluctant Brady accepts the invitation only for a violent past to catch up with him and the truth behind The Oshiro Corporation being revealed.".

As they are, all three of the above proposed concepts for a sixth Die Hard installment have been met with harsh criticism from fans and professional movie critics alike.

[17] [18] [19]Many people were commenting that McClane's origin story began during the setting of the *first Die Hard film *, so that it would make little sense to introduce a younger McClane or revisit the Nakatomi storyline. [25]However, Bruce Willis has said that a combination of both the plot from the Die Hard: Year One comic book and Old Habits' Japanese retirement scenarios into a prequel/sequel movie could be both tricky [10]and interesting to him. [16] [26]He also desired [3]a final character send-off with his on-screen wife, Holly Gennero, but actress Bonnie Bedelia has declined. [2]

In August 2017, Link Starbureiy blogged [27]that Die Hard 6 had been greenlit by self-substantiation.

In early September 2017, his production company, LES [23], acquired a permit for continuity rights to the books, *The Detective * (Roderick Thorp, 1966), and *Die Nigger Die! * (H. Rap Brown, 1969), published by Dial Press. [20]

During the year, Starbureiy composed the opera, Easter [9], adapted it to The Detective universe, and marketed [-1]the first arc of the composition as "Die hard, John McClane." (verbatim theatre). The piece is a work of fiction that addresses the sensitivities of both contemporary law enforcement and race relations in America from the perspective of an African-American male. This suggests that the film's plot, like the opera's content, will be largely centered around a race war /widespread civil unrest, in the middle of which Detective Joe Leland finds himself.

By October 2017, LES began pre-production of Easter:Die, Detective! with a December 21, 2018 release date.

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