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Didgeridoo Me

Didgeridoo Me

Didgeridoo Me is a Pornographic film that gained widespread controversy for using an Indigenous Australian Didgeridoo as a massive Dildo. [0]

American studio Men.com released the clip online in May of 2017, starring Aspen and Jack.

[1]The film plot starts with one man playing a didgeridoo.

His Roomate, who was trying to sleep, storms downstairs and breaks the Didgeridoo in half before using it as an Anal insert. [1] [5]

In late May of 2017, articles began to circulate criticizing the film.

Some of their remarks were seen as crude, in particular, one of the stars says "I'm Gonna Didgeridoo You In The Ass".

[3]The use of a Traditional Musical Instrument in the act of Sodomy was regarded as Culturally Insensitive. [3] [5]

The didgeridoo is holy in Aboriginal communities, being used to announce the birth of a new born baby, to summon the spirit ancestors of Aboriginal elders during sacred ceremonies and as an instrument to scare away evil Spirits. To use the 1,500 year old didgeridoo as a Sex toy was regarded as extremely offensive to some. [3]


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