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Diane Weyermann

Diane Weyermann

Diane Weyermann is Participant Media’s executive vice president of documentary films.

Participant’s latest documentaries include Waiting for “Superman” and Lucy Walker’s Countdown to Zero.

Other projects include Food, Inc., Darfur Now, and the Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth, to name a few.

Prior to joining Participant, Weyermann was the director of the Sundance Institute’s documentary film program.

During her tenure at Sundance, she was responsible for the Sundance Documentary Fund, a program supporting documentary films dealing with contemporary human rights, social justice, civil liberties, and freedom of expression from around the world.

Prior to Sundance, Weyermann was director of the Open Society Institute New York’s Arts and Culture Program for seven years.

In addition to her work with contemporary art centers and culture programs in the Soros Foundation network, which spans over 30 countries, she launched the Soros Documentary Fund (which later became the Sundance Documentary Fund) in 1996.



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