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Diana Wagman

Diana Wagman

Diana Wagman is a novelist, self proclaimed witch, and screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Her first novel, "Skiin Deep", was published in 1996, and her first produced screenplay, "Delivering Milo", was released in 2000. [0]


Her first novel, Skin Deep (1997), was about a young woman's disturbing obsession with her physical appearance, while her second novel, Spontaneous (2000), addressed the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion.


Witch entrepreneurship

In the spring of 2017, Wagman was on an email list with the subject line "Bind Trump, not your breasts", the binding-spell movement started with an article on Medium posted by Michael M. Hughes, a writer and magician.

After then, Wagman decided to explore witchcraft.

The โ€œSpell to Donald Trumpโ€ led by the organization 'Bind Trump' was first performed in February, Wagman joined in April. [1]The instructions for the spell are online. [1]


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