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Diana Shurygina

Diana Shurygina

Diana Alexeyevna Shurygina (Russian: Диана Алексеевна Шурыгина, born June 12, 1999) [19] [20]is a Russian media person, who became famous for participating in the show "Let Them Talk", where she claimed to be a victim of rape. [21]


Diana studied at the Ulyanovsk Vocational and Pedagogical College in the second year on the controller of machine tools and locksmith work. [25]As a child, she practiced dancing, athletics. [0]Father - Alexei Viktorovich Shurygin (born July 3, 1979), worked as a long-distance driver. Mother - Natalia Vladimirovna Shurygina (born July 13, 1983), in 15 years gave birth to Diana, worked as a saller in a hypermarket where she sells goods for creativity. She has a younger daughter. [0]

According to the investigation, in early May 2015, 15-year-old Diana Shurygina left home, her mother Natalya Shurygina appealed to the police, and members of the commission on the affairs of minors found Diana in the apartment of 18-year-old Vlad Troshin.

In 2017, Diana signed a contract with the First Channel (Russia), and at it expense settled in a hotel in Moscow with his family. [0]

In October 1, 2017, a new issue of the television program New Russian Sensations was released on NTV television channel with Diana. October 5, 2017 Diana Shurygina married the operator of the First Channel Andrei Shlyagin (born 11.11.1987). [1] [2]


*Let Them Talk - At the height of the party.

*Let Them Talk - At the height of the party.

*Let Them Talk - Diana Shurygina is shocked by the release of Sergei Semenov.

*Let Them Talk - Diana Shurygina is shocked by the release of Sergei Semenov.

A story about the rape of a certain Diana S. in Ulyanovsk told in December 2016 Life.ru, while the word "raped" was taken in the header of the quotation marks.


The site democrator.ru was posted a petition demanding to reconsider the conviction for raping Diana Sergei Semenov.

The petition was signed by more than 300 thousand people.

[5]It was in the petition of the general public that photos of Diana were presented.

The continuation of the story was on First Channel in "Let Them Talk". According to the information provided in the telecast, the details of the story look like this.

On April 1, 2016, 16-year-old Diana Shurygina appealed to the police, accusing 20-year-old Sergei Semenov of rape committed on the eve.

According to the girl, copulation took place at the birthday of Sergei's friend, where Diana was invited by her friend.

Before that, young people were not familiar.

Diana did not hide that she was drunk, but claimed that Sergei had applied physical strength to her.

The court found that Semyonov knew that Shurygina was underage, and understood that she did not want to have sex with him.

In December 2016, Semyonov was sentenced to eight years in a strict regime colony under two articles: The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation- the 131st ("Rape") and the 132nd ("Violent acts of a sexual nature"). After the appeal, the term was reduced to three years and three months of the general regime colony (usually in the media it is alleged that because Sergei thought that Diana, according to her, is already 18 years old). Immediately after the announcement of the verdict, appeared many groups in VKontakte supporting both Diana and Sergei. Supporters of Sergei considered the court's decision unjust, and the girl's behavior was unworthy and uncharacteristic for the victim of rape (both before and after that party on the Internet there were videos where Diana is having fun with the company and drinking alcoholic drinks). According to Sergei's supporters, during the celebration the girl lied to the present that she already is 18 years old, despite the fact that one of the aggravating circumstances of the case was her minority.

Semyonov's supporters claimed that the sex was by mutual consent, and the bruises on Shurygina's body were the result of a conflict with her father, who took her from the party.

This is confirmed by eyewitnesses.

Among them - Alexander Rukhlin, who was in the room with Diana after Sergey's departure and according to Sergei's sister Ekaterina Semyonova, did not see traces of beatings on the body and face of the girl.

Initially, Rukhlin also went through the case as a suspect (according to Shurygina, they had a sexual act after Sergei left the room), but the investigation stopped the criminal prosecution against him because of the absence of corpus delicti.

Also Ulyanovsk site wrote, and "Komsomolskaya Pravda" confirmed that this is the second criminal case involving an intimate relationship with Diana.

Some time ago, someone Vlad Troshin, who had reached the age of 18, was convicted of sex with her, and Diana was not 16.

[7]Everything happened by mutual consent, but since the girl did not reach the "consent age", her boyfriend received a suspended sentence of one year imprisonment.


Story of success

Diana became famous thanks to the TV show "Let Them Talk", where the parents of the convicted Sergei Semenov turned for help. On the evening of January 31, 2017, the First Channel released this talk show, dedicated to the incident. [21]According to the mother of the convict, the girl's father allegedly claimed money from the family of Sergei for stopping the criminal case. During the show, Diana behaved strangely: she cried, then laughed and insulted other participants in the show.

This issue has become very popular (for 2 weeks - 9 million views on the Internet, despite the fact that the total release time is 50 minutes).

Many jokes about Diana and quotes from the show began to spread across social networks.

The girl became the most discussed media person of Russian Internet.

Many public pages quickly added a mention of Shurygina in the title and made a bias on jokes about her.

[4]At the same time, feminists responded: on their resources, Diana was exposed in the light of an innocent victim, Sergei - a man who took advantage of the helpless girl's state of abuse, and social reaction was assessed as persecution, victim blaming and manifestation of a culture of violence.

The second and third issues of the program "Let Them Talk" were released on February 20 and 21, they discussed, among other things, the popularity of the girl on the Internet.

[6] [8]The Internet responded with jokes about Andrey Malakhov and parodies of the talk show. Again Diana was shown on the First Channel on August 31, 2017 in Dmitry Shepelev's show "In fact", where a lie detector was used. [11]The fourth and fifth issues appeared on the air on March 6 and 7, on the eve of the Women's Day. [9] [10]

Brand commercialization

Burger King poster with Shurygina.

Burger King poster with Shurygina.

Use of Shurygina's image in the vaping.

Use of Shurygina's image in the vaping.

February 16, 2017 in the official public of Burger King appeared an advertising poster dedicated to the action. In the schematically depicted girl on this poster, Diana Shurygina is evidently found. [12]This advertisement caused an ambiguous reaction on the Internet and was soon removed. [13]It should be noted that this is not the first case of Burger King's viral advertising on the verge of provocation: the company was one of the first to use the "Russiano" meme.

March 13, 2017 in Yekaterinburg, went on sale a line of liquids for the vaping "Shurygina clouds", which there ware three tastes: the blackberry-grapefruit liqueur "On The Bottom", the blueberry with the kiwi "At The Height Of The Party" and the banana with tobacco "Eight Years Of Strict Imprisonment". [14]Later, in a similar vein, a line of liquids was announced in honor of Navalny. [15]


Apparently the most thundered meme with Diana - "on the bottom" (Russian: На донышке), on hashtag #надонышке Instagram shows thousands of publications, this meme is visualized by a characteristic gesture with a thumb and forefinger (he tried to use Burger King).

Also, some quotes of Diana became common:

  • "If you want to say - say silently"

  • "What does it mean at once?"

One of the nicknames attached to the girl on the Internet is "Shkurygina" (her last name and the contemptuous nickname of girls and women are "shkura").

As applied to the subject of steel, the previously used English terms "hype", and also an "entry" ("vpiska"Russian: вписка) - a home party without adults in the youth jargon, but previously not so often sounded on Russian television.


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