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Carnage (Dj)

Carnage (Dj)



Diamanté D. Blackmon (born January 3, 1991) professionally known as Carnage or DJ Carnage, is a Guatemalan DJ and record producer that resides in Los Angeles, California. In 2021 Carnage was ranked 37th in the top 100 DJ's of the world according to the annual survey conducted by DJ Magazine, after having held the position #78 in 2017. [1]

Early life

Diamanté D. Blackmon was born on March 1, 1991 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Carnage started playing in small clubs since he was 16, in his home country of Guatemala. Carnage attended Walkersville High School in Walkersville, Maryland. Carnage also worked for Panera Bread before taking off his career. Carnage was formerly affiliated with the United States Air Force. Carnage currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


Dj Carnage

Dj Carnage

In 2012, Carnage uploaded a song on YouTube that he created called "Teke Teke", a trap song which had about 100,000 views. In that same year, Carnage produced a song for American rapper G-Eazy called "Loaded".

In 2013, Carnage collaborated with DJ Israel Borgore for songs such as "Turn Up" and the remix of Borgore song "Legend", and after several collaborations, Carnage released his first single "Incredible" with over 25 million views on YouTube. In that same year, Carnage collaborated with DJ Tony Junior and made several songs, plus their single "Michael Jordan". In addition of that year, Carnage remixed Dutch DJ Hardwell's song "Spaceman", which was a hit for EDM fans.[23]

He then signed with Ultra Records.

Carnage then released a single with ILoveMakonnen called "I Like Tuh". In October 2015, Carnage released his debut album Papi Gordo, which reached number 184 on the Billboard 200. In March 2016 Carnage and Section Boyz from London, UK did an international collaboration producing new single "BIMMA".


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