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Devour Up

Devour Up

Devour Up, Recording artist who has released tracks called "Bleeding Slow," "Troubles," "Redrum," "Make Me Feel," and more. He set a release date for his album titled By Any Means for November of 2015. He posted his first song to YouTube, "Real Slow," in September of 2012, but had posted tracks titled "Microphone Killa," "On My Block," "Trippy," "Knickin'" and "Lose Your Head to his Soundcloud page before that time. He has a clothing line called King Couture. He has two children. He gave a shout out to Dj Carisma on Instagram for her song "Do What I Want" featuring IamSu!, K Camp & RJ." [1]


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Mar 1, 2016, 4:42 PM