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Dennis Rappaport

Dennis Rappaport

Former Manager Of Maskaev

Former Manager Of Maskaev

Dennis Rappaport (born March 25, 1945) is a boxing manager and promoter based out of New York City. He is also a real estate broker. He is the son of Irving and Natalie Rappaport.[13]


Boxing Manager & Promoter

Rappaport entered the boxing industry in 1976 as co-manager of Gerry Cooney, Howard Davis Jr. and Ronnie Harris. He co-managed with Mike Jones until Jones died in 1990.[9] The press dubbed Rappaport and Jones the "Wacko Twins" for the way they promoted their fighters. They surrounded Cooney with dwarfs, showgirls and comedians to hype his image and box office appeal. [1] They also marked Harris as being a Black Jewish person.

Rappaport Managed Gerry Cooney

Rappaport Managed Gerry Cooney

Rappaport proceeded to manage or promote five world heavyweight champions: George Foreman,Tim Witherspoon, Trevor Berbick,Tony Tucker and Oleg Maskaev. He also promoted Roberto Duran, Hector Camacho and Billy Costello.

Dennis Rappaport was responsible for rebuilding the career of Oleg Maskaev. Maskaev defeated Hasim Rahman for the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight championship at the Thomas & Mack Center in 2006. Later that year Maskaev successfully defended his title by defeating Peter Okello at Olympic Stadium in Moscow in Russia.

Maskaev lost his title to Samuel Peter in Mexico in 2008.

Rappaport hired Victor Valle Jr. and Dickie Wood to train Maskaev. President Donald Trump recognized the WBC belt in 2018 as the belt was located on his desk at a briefing in which he pardoned former heavyweight champion Jack Johnson.[5]

Real Estate

Rappaport On IMDb

Rappaport On IMDb

Dennis Rappaport is the owner and broker of Cozy Homes Realty.

He has brokered the sale of over 12,000 properties.

He is widely respected in the real estate field.

Film Credits

Rappaport has two film credits on IMDb.[8] The Internet Movie Database is an online database of information related to films, television programs, home videos, video games, and streaming content online.[14]

Hall Of Fame

He was inducted into the Ring 8 and New York State Boxing Hall of Fame, class of 2016. Upon his induction Ring 8 president Bob Duffy stated:

Dennis was recently inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame as a Class of 2016 member.

Dennis is an entertaining speaker with so many incredible stories from his days as a boxing promoter and manager.

He handled some of the best fighters in the business and his publicity stunts are legendary.

It’s going to be a memorable evening for our members.


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