Deanna Havas

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Deanna Havas is an artist based in New York. [0]

Personal Life

Deanna Havas was born in 1989 and lives in New York City. She is of Jewish descent. [12]


Deanna's art works usually explore themes of meaning and identity pertaining to communication, as well as the discourse between various types of digital production and academic percepts.

Deanna is the author of Actual Person, a poem developed by Havas during a residency at the LUMA/Westbau Foundation in Zurich as part of the 89+ Project. [11]


Deanna received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2011. [11]

In the Media

In October 2018, Deanna Havas was invited to speak as a guest lecturer at a Yale School of Art seminar by Matthew Leifheit a Professor of Photography at Yale. The choice to invite her to speak at the university generated controversy as some students found her actions on social media to be offensive. Much of the controversy surrounding Havas’ social media presence is centered upon her liking a meme on Twitter that displays Pepe the Frog — a common trope in memes often appropriated by white nationalist groups — holding up a piece of stolen artwork as he runs from helicopters. According to Turner’s Twitter response to Havas’ post, the meme depicts and celebrates a recent incident in which the Traditionalist Worker Party — a neo-Nazi group — stole Turner’s artwork bearing the unifying message “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” from an art exhibit. Artist Luke Turner, made a compilation of some of Havas’ Twitter posts — including a photo of a text message stating, “If u kiss another girl I’ll come do a school shooting at your college,” and a Tweet stating, “I’m dangerous bc u know ima pull a hitler if i don’t make it in art.” Leifheit defended Havas saying that she is “an ironist” and most likely did not mean for her offensive comments to be taken literally. [12]

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