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Dayah Dover is an international glamor model living in Los Angeles, California. [1] [19] She has recently been on social media after making an appearance on Prank Invasion's "Kissing Prank - Muslim Edition" video. [12]

Prank Invasion

Prank Invasion
Prank Invasion's Chris Monroe with Dayah Dover (before they kiss)

On March 25, 2017, YouTuber Chris Monroe uploaded a video to his Prank Invasion channel entitled, "Kissing Prank - Muslim Edition." [12] In it, Dayah Dover dressed up in a burka pretending to be from Iran. Chris pretends they have never met before and approaches her. They create small talk and he eventually asks her if she would like to play rock-paper-scissors for a kiss. [12]

They draw hands: Chris draws rock and Dayah draws scissors. After Chris wins, Chris makes out with Dover for over 15 seconds. While doing so, he lifts up her burka, revealing her backside and a thong. [12]

Later in the video, Chris shows similar interactions with two other actresses (one who claimed to be from Saudi Arabia and one who claimed to be from Turkey), who also end up kissing Chris for a significant period of time. [11]


Once the video was uploaded, it received lots of negative criticism. The YouTube video received over 800,000 in 3 days, with over 11,000/121,000 "like/dislike" ratio. [11]

Furthermore, it sparked a lot of racial and religion-based political outrage in the comments section. [11]


Screenshot of Prank Invasion's casting call for which Dayah Dover applied (scheduled for March 19, 2017)

After the video went viral, Dayah Dover had two interviews: one with H3H3 Productions [21] and one with Ragestew. [27]

According to Dover, she was on Model Mayhem, which she uses for castings when she travels internationally and out of state. She took a look at the casting calls and noticed an ad posted by someone she thought was a "talent director" named "Jennifer Collins." [20] The ad stated, "Seeking Female Model for Quick Kiss Scene in Hijab $250." [26]

After she applied, she received a call 10 minutes later confirming to her that it was for a "well-established comedy channel." [11] She went on to say that in the phone call with Chris, he made it sound like it was for a comedy skit - one that you would see from Comedy Central or Saturday Night Live - and Dover had no idea that she would be portrayed as a Muslim. He did not say it was for YouTube, although the casting call said it was. [23]

According to Dover, she also said that Chris told her to make sure she wears a thong and she wasn't sure why. [21]

They did her part of the video in one take, and it took only 5 minutes to shoot. [27]

Dayah Dover's Casting Call (Prank Invasion) [26]

The details of the casting call were as follows:

We are shooting a quick comedy scene for a major YouTube channel and seeking a beautiful female model for a quick kiss scene with our male model. The scene will take no longer than 15 minutes to shoot and compensation is $250 paid in cash.

We are looking to shoot this Sunday.

You will be wearing a muslm-type Hijab costume so an ethnic look is preferred; however not necessary.

Please send a message through here and or email us a [redacted] and we will get back to you ASAP.

Personal Life

Dayah Dover has never been shy to the eye of the public. She's very multi-faceted, and has had many experiences in the short time she's been alive.

For most of her life, Dover was heavily involved in politics. Her mother started her in the political industry early on in life. She attended some of her first events when she was four, on what she would now call the "wrong side". She's had many political changes since she first started her journey, being on all sides of the spectrum at on point in time.

She loves creating art and considers that her favorite part of her job. [19]

She is an atheist. [6]

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