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David Smooke is the Founder & CEO of Hackernoon. He is based in Edwards, Colorado.

Early Life & Education

Smooke grew up in Lewistown Pennsylvania.

He later graduated cum laude from theUniversity of Redlandswith a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Non-fiction Creative Writing in 2010. He received the Presidential Scholarship, Academic Achievement Award, and made the Dean's list. [3]

While studying at the University of Redlands, Smooke worked as a Research Assistant and Fact Checker for Leslie Brodie's biography about Jessica "Decca" Mitford. He also worked as an Economics Tutor at the university. [3]


From 2010 to 2011, Smooke worked as a newspaper reporter at The Lewistown Sentinel in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. He previously worked for the newspaper in 2006 as a mailroomemployee. [3]

Smooke then spent 2011-2015 at SmartRecruiters, a recruiting software company, where he was a a marketing director. [21]

In February 2015, David Smooke founded ArtMap Inc., which gained notoriety as a startup marketing firm [19] and then became a digital publishing operation [20], creating such sites as ARTplusMarketing.com, PSiLoveYou.xyz, & ExtraNewsfeed.com, and Hackernoon.com.

Hackernoon has grown to 7k+ contributing writers, 200k+ daily readers, and 8M+ monthly pageviews. They raised $1M via equity crowdfunding in Jan. 2019. [18]

Personal Life

David is married to Linh Dao Smooke.

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