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David Moss is an American technologist ​ with many talents​ and entrepreneur whose leadership in the tech industry has led to the success of several startups. He is currently the Senior Vice President of operations for Block.one​. [1] [2]


David is a musician, a film producer, a leadership coach, investor, and a strategic innovator with a track record across multiple successful startups and established companies. He is a respected innovator in working with teams where helps in the process of building psychologically safe teams to complete projects and tasks. [3] [4]

David currently lives in Santa Monica and is the Vice President of Operations for Block.One. [5]


David is an alumnus of Oregon State University where he received his Bachelor's degree in General science and Pre-Med. While in school, he was the science editor and writer for the PSU newspaper, Vanguard Daily. He was also the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Portland Student Services. [6]

David was on track to pursue a career as a Medical Doctor and instead ​made the decision to be the Technology industry taking off in Silicon Valley.[7]


After graduating college, he began his technology career at Oracle Corporation as Principle Consultant. For the next three years he worked as a Data architect, CASE specialist, and a project manager. He worked on many projects such as Boeing 777, PacifiCorp/Utah Power merger, and the Weyerhaeuser inventory system. During this time, he learned one of the most essential principles about having a social network on the internet by having to store data and organizing in some that people can access and user to have access to it and being to build a software around it. [8]

After his time at Oracle, he became the Managing Partner for TrueNorth Consulting Inc. He was a manager in multiple projects where he authored white papers and gave presentations while simultaneously working as data modeling instructor. [9]

As a consultant for Edmunds, he was a mentor to the founders of the startup where he helped them realize their software capabilities along with the business model necessary for investments. [11]

Chief technology officer

Throughout the 2000s, David was a CTO for a number of startups including: Truenorth Consulting, Inc., Transilient Media, Inc., Peoplejam, CPA Upsell, Rebuild US, ConsumerTank, Inc., Broadspring, Inc., TeenSafe, Exceed.Team, Block.one. [13]

David is one of the first CTOs to be a part of the board members along with the CEOs of companies. Before, in Silicon Valley​ CTOs were not a part of it. [14]

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