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Dark Age

Dark Age

Dark Age is a literary post-apocalyptic novel written by Felix Hartmann, published in June 2016.

It was nominated for the prestigious Dragon Awards by Dragon Con as the Best Apocalyptic Novel in 2016, and held its rank as an Amazon Bestseller for 3 months.

Taking place in 2154, the world as we know it has fallen into oblivion.

Mankind lives decimated and scattered in the remnants of the old world.

But only few know what really happened.

Growing up in a secluded city ruled by a dogmatic tyrant, Adam watches hunger starve the poor, sickness claim the young, and war kill his three older brothers.

Turning seventeen, he has one year left before being forced to join the Grey Guard and follow his brothers into the unknown.

Wanting to put an end to the broken system and mindless war, to seek a life of harmony with the one he loves, he decides to do whatever it takes to bring the tyrant to his knees.

Critics are saying:

"An amazing story that will stay with you forever...

Highly recommended."

-Tyler Wagner, Bestselling Author β€œThe scope of Dark Age is both admirable and ambitious, combining elements of human evolution, conspiracy, and end of the world scenarios.”

-Tayo Rockson, Huffington Post contributor & CEO of UYD Media

Dark Age was also named Book of the Year by Bookrix in 2012 during it's early drafts.


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