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Darcy Haugan was a Canadian ​ coach for the Humboldt Broncos ​ who was known for his devotion to the game of Hockey ​ for most of his life. [1] [2] [3] ​He led the North Peace Navigators ​ to a record of 326 wins, 83 losses and 15 OT losses in a total of 12 seasons. [4]

Photo of Darcy Haugan with a championship trophy.


Early Life

Haugan is a native of Alberta in the country of Canada ​. [5] ​ He grew up in the city of Peace River for most of his life. [6] ​ Since he was a child, Haugan developed a love for the game of Hockey and he would begin playing in leagues at a young age. [7]

Photo of Darcy Haugan that has been shared by a series of news publications.


In his 20s, as he continued his career in the sport of Hockey, he was given a Hockey scholarship to attend Northern Michigan ​, and after one year, he was released from the team. [8] [9]

He returned back home and finished his education. He obtained his Power engineering ​ degree while also playing for Briercrest College. [10]

Hockey Career

Since he was a child, Haugan developed into a mighty player in the sport

Photo of Darcy Haugan with one of his players which was shared on social media.

of Hockey. He fell in love with the game and by the time he was a teenager, he began to make a name for himself in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League where he was in the Junior "A" division. [11]

He would then be a part of Aberta Junior Hockey League’s Fort Saskatchewan Traders ​. Haugan was dealt to the Bonneyville Pontiacs as a 19-year-old where he won the team’s most-improved player award and then for his overage season he was on the move again ending up in Estevan to play with the Bruins. [12]

Playing in the SJHL would find a him a scholarship to a college which is when he played for Northern Michigan ​. [13]

Youtube Video
Centre Ice Hockey with Humboldt Broncos Darcy Haugan


After college, he embarked on a pro career in Sweden that ended early when he started having back problems. [14]


On New Year’s Day of 2001 he stepped behind the bench with the Estevan Bruins ​ for the first time as an assistant to coach Nick Sereggela. Haugan finished that year with Sereggela then remained as an assistant to Kelly Lovering the following season before completing his time as a co-interim head coach in 2002-03. [15] [16]

North Peace Navigators

In 2003, he would become the coach for North Peace Navigators ​ for the next 12 seasons. He took the team and built a program that strengthened the team's principles and would lead the organization to a total record of 326 wins, 83 losses and 15 OT losses. [17] [18]

Humboldt Broncos

in 2015, he was offered a position to become the coach for the Broncos, and Haugan saw it as a great opportunity to take the team to the next level. In his first season, he took the team from a position of 11th out 12th place in their division, to top 5 - winning 9/10 straight wins. [19]

Image of the Bus and the Truck from the collision that took the lives of 14 people including Darcy Haugen.


While the team was on the road to their next game in a playoff semi-final against Nipawin Hawks ​, a semi T-boned the players’ bus causing a devastating accident that took the life of 14 people. Coach Haugan is one of the 14 people that was found dead, along with captain, Logan Schatz ​. The other 14 people who also rode the bus at the time of the accident are being treated Royal University Hospital Royal University Hospital. [20] [21]

The accident took place on Highway 35, about 19 miles north of

Photo of Darcy Haugen with his wife and children.

Tisdale. An investigation by law enforcement has launched as to the tragic accident. [22]

The accident has caused a a blow in the hockey community all across the world. [23] [24]

Personal Life

Haugan was married to Christina George-Haugan whom he lived with along with their two sons, Carson and Jackson. They lived in Peace River

for many years before moving to Humboldt, Saskatchewan ​. His parents lived down the street from his home in Peace River before the move. [25]

He was considered to be one of the most classiest people in Hockey. [26]

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